Information for Advertisers

The advertising portion of Vacuum Technology & Coating usually comprises 25-35 percent of the total folio content. The policies of the publisher are extremely user-friendly to companies that advertise and thus, support the magazine financially. Most advertisers fall into the following major groups:
  1. Companies that manufacture vacuum processing equipment and the materials used in the process. The processes most often covered are physical vapor deposition, plasma processing, chemical vapor deposition, crystal growing, etc. The materials most commonly advertised in VT&C are sputtering targets and materials, evaporation sources, substrates, and chemicals. Process controllers are also advertised heavily, as are e-beam sources, ion beam sources, sputtering sources, and rf power supplies
  2. Companies that supply vacuum components such as pumps, valves, flanges & fittings, seals and feedthroughs, bellows, chambers, traps, chillers and heaters.
  3. Instruments used in the deposition or other vacuum processes such as metrology systems, spectrometers, vacuum gauges, leak detectors, flatness, thickness and hardness testers. Gases and gas-handling systems are also highly appropriate
  4. Thin Film Coating services, plasma cleaning services, and other vacuum processing services are also found frequently.

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